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A STATEMENT FOLLOWING THE EVENTS OF 7 OCTOBER, THOSE THAT PRECEDED IT, AND THOSE THAT FOLLOW I have always been and will continue to defend the sanctity of life and human rights as the fundamental values of our humanity.  I condemn all acts of violence against citizens. I support freedom, peace and prosperity for all sides of the conflict.  I condemn the murder, rape and destruction of Israel's southern towns by the Hamas regime. I condemn the bombing of homes, killing of civilians, and the prevention of food and medicine from the citizens of Gaze by the Israeli regime. I reject and detest the denial of the horrendous events that took and are still taking place in Gaza, Israel and the West Bank, to all the victims and by all the perpetrators on all sides of the conflict. This bloody and ruthless war, like so many others, is being waged by corrupt and cynical leaders, religious fanatics, egomaniacal generals and greedy kings.  It can end only with a ceasefire and negotiations, never with guns and bombs. I pray for a ceasefire, for the return of hostages and captives to their homes, for an end to the attacks on civilians, for the reconstruction of Gaza and the towns of the Western Negev. I pray for the removal of racist, violent regimes that use the propaganda of hatred and dispose of human values to strengthen their political influence, religious aspirations and financial interests. I stand for an end to occupation, for freedom and equality, for safety and peace for all the people of the region. I call for solidarity, humanity and healing.  It is the only way. Ofir Raul Graizer

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