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The Gathering of the Ten

This feature video documentary tells through subtitles without voice a story about a childhood memory, that intervines with an immigrant's visit to his homeland. The result is an intimate portrait of a man looking for home.

"The alienation of the foreigner is breached by a random act that extant it. In the public sphere of a city packed with people, where the filmmaker wanders like he is in an isolated domain, rises a conjuring of the memory of the personal and communal father and a connection to it is made through the random invitation to join a Minyan. The randomness, loneliness and alienation are the materials that echo through the purpose-less journey in the Israeli landscape, that the director uses to stimulate the inner journey into himself, into the repressed unconscious that comes to the surface following the encounter with the present day streets.  That emphasizes the solitary existence of the foreigner who is born there yet does not belong there, and only a random Minyan allows him to connect to the father and the community from which he came. The encounter emphasizes even more the tragic lack of origin of his existential status.” –


From the assay by Dr. Macabit Avrahmzon: Encountering the Absent – an endless encounter – following Minyan - The Gathering of the Ten - from Ofir Raul Graizer


Winner of Documentary Curatorship - Cinema South Festival

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