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אופיר ראול גרייצר

I offer a PITCHING workshops for films schools, organisations and independent filmmakers.


There are three types of workshops:

- An invited workshop to be held in your own location to a limited number of participants, focused for a target group

- Fixed dates with a limited number of participants, open to every filmmaker who wants to learn the art of pitching

- A private pitching preperation for a filmmaker with a fixed goal such as a specific film festival or meeting with financers.

To book a workshop, ask questions or set up a non-obligatory meeting, contact via:   01739243999



Fiction, documentary, TV/Web Series, Short film - whatever your field is, PITCHING is a crucial skill in financing, selling and marketing your project. With the growing competition in the international film industry, it has become a major tool in creating the first attention towards your project, more than a script or an exposé.

I offer film schools, organizations, professional institutions, film festivals and independent filmmakers a professional structured workshop meant to refine the craft of pitching, down its most fundamental aspects:

- What a pitch REALLY is and when do we need it


- How to build the right pitch for YOUR film


- The hidden TULES, TIPS AND TRICKS that no one ever tells you about pitching your film project


- Learn how to master your natural TOOLS such as body language and voice to work with your pitch


- And most importantly, analyzing and refining YOUR VERY OWN pitch as well as your pitch trailers


- Learn not from an “expert” but from an EXPERIENCED filmmaker who pitched his way in Cannes, Berlinale, Agora, Jerusalem FF, Max Ophüls and more.


The workshop can be held in different formats depending on your needs - one day or two days, personal meetings, in an agreed-upon location and in English or German.

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