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The award is given to Graizer for a unique editing of a film which is not classic linear. Through the collage editing, the story exceeds from the personal experience and morphs into a complete universal existential experience.

- The Jury, Cinema South Festival, about the Best Editing Award for "Fragments"

*Ofir Raul Graizer doesn't edit films anymore.



Documentary, 86 Minutes. Director: Sharon Ryba-Kahn
After an absence of 12 years, a filmmaker is returning to Israel in search for answers. What starts as a personal journey, will turn into an intimate portrait of surprisingly different women in a war stricken land.

- Portobello Film Festival London (2015)
- Bucharest Jewish Film Festival (2015)
- Kasseler Dokfest (2015)
- Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival (2015)
- Festival Film Dokumenter (Indonesia) (2015)
- Paul Spiegel Film Festival (Germany) (2016)
- SCENECS International Film Festival (2016) – Nominated for Best Documentary
- Cinema South Film Festival – Cinematheque in Sderot (Israel) (2016)
- Pélerinage en Décalage – La Bellevilloise Paris (France) (2016)
- Madrid International Film Festival (Spain) (2016) – Nominated for Best Foreign      Documentary, Nominated for Best Documentary Director
- Filmes Do Homem Melgaço (Portugal) (2016)
- 11th Cyprus International Film Festival (2016)
- Special screening Cinematheque Tel Aviv (2016)



Hula & Natan


Documentary, 50 Minutes. Director: Robbi Elmaliah. Israel 2010. 
A bitter and witty comic-tragic documentary about the attempts of two mechanics who live in a poverty-stricken war zone to survive, facing the fatalistic reality in which they live.
- Winner – Young Jury Award – Vision du Reel 2011
– Winner – Silver Palm Award – Mexico International Film Festival 2011
– Winner – Best Film – Cinema South Festival 2010
– Sehsuchte Student Film Festival 2011
– Krakow Film Festival 2011
– TRUE/FALSE Film Festival, USA 2011
– Chronograph IDFF – Moldova 2011
– Screened in Israeli Channel 8.


Documentary, 50 Minutes. Director: Yonatan Haimovich. Israel 2009. 


A journey film in a suburban Jerusalem street. The creator tries to follow fragments of his childhood, after his deceased mother, through a renewed encounter with veteran residents, immigrants from the Soviet Union. A mosaic of life from a disappearing world is then created. 

- Best Student Film Award, Doc- Aviv The Tel Aviv International Documentary Film Festival, Israel
– Best Film Award & Best Editing Prize, Cinema South Festival, Sderot, Israel 
– Filmfest Hamburg, Germany – Nominated for DIE ELFE, The First Feature Award 
– Torino Film Festival, Italy – Nominated for THE CULT AWARD. TRUE STORIES IN CINEMA 
– Punto de Vista, Pamplona, Spain
– Toronto Jewish Film Festival
– GoEast Film Festival
– Nominated for the Israeli Documentary Competition

Reds - Chronicle of a Struggle

Documentary, 50 Minutes. Directors: Asaf Ben David, Moran Weissfisch. Israel 2008.


Natti and Erez, father and son, join the fight of the Hapoel Tel-Aviv basketball squad against the city halls’ decision to demolish the mythical Ussisshkin Auditorium – their second home. Towards the moment of decision, the battle spirals out of control and reaches an unavoidable explosion.


- Winner of Best Documentary Award; Best Editing Award, South Cinema Festival, Sderot 2008. 

- Participated in the Student Competition, DocAviv Festival, Tel Aviv 2009.

House Warming

Fiction Short, 2010. Directed by Lina Gartzman


The film depicts the crisis of a family that immigrated to Israel from former USSR. The old father leaves his daughter ’s family and embarks on a search for a new home in a strange and unfamiliar land.


- Winner – Best Female Filmmaker Award – Sunscreen Film Festival, Saint Petesburg, 2011

- Israeli and Jewish Film Festival of New York 2011

- Urban Mediamaker Film Festival 2011

- Mumbai Film Festival 2011

- Saint Anna Student Film Festival, Moscow 2011

- Cinema South Festival, Sderot 2010

- International Women Film Festival, Rehovot 2010


Between the Lines

Fiction, 18 Minutes. Director: Smadar Zamir. Israel, 2010. 


What starts like a promising love story taken from a French movie, soon becomes a nightmare…


- International Womens Film Festival, Rehovot 2011

- JamFest Indie Film Festival 2011

- Lewiston Auborn Film Festival 2011

- NewFilmakers Winter Series, New York 2011

- Cinema South Festival 2010  


Fiction Short, 26 Minutes. Director: Tamir Hod 

During an evening walk, Yoni, a young Israeli hipster, connects with an old friend at a drag bar and meets up with his late sister’s boyfriend. Soon after, they attempt to use one another in an effort to cope with their shared grief. 

- TLVFest – Tel Aviv Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, 2009.
– Q-Fest – Philledelpihia GLBT Film Festival, 2009

VIDEO ART (selection)


Video Art, 1 HD Channel, work by Izik Badash. 2010.

The lamenting women of Tripoli sing on the beaches of the Holy land. First video work by renowned stills artist Izik Badash contemplates the Holocaust of Tunisian Jews.- Petah Tikva museum of Art.– FiftyFifry Gallery, Dusseldorf.



Video Art, 6 HD Channels in Loop, work by Josephe Dadoune. 2010.

Six video films are projected within a single closed space, one of which is split across two screens. The town of Ofakim is documented as it is now, while projecting the emptiness that emanates from its dilapidated industrial zone and from the town itself.



Video Art, One HD Channel displayed with two concrete blocks of 30 × 110 cm, work by Josephe Dadoune. 2010. A cypress tree and palm tree are buried in their entirety in two vertical piers in the desert. The desert and its oasis are raped, being helpless against the drilling and the dumping of two concrete blocks that signify the ultimate symbol of modernism.



Video Art, 2 HD Channels in Loop, work by Josephe Dadoune. 2010.

Nature and the desert light that loudly proclaim optimism are in direct contrast to the daily hardships of the periphery. Joseph Dadoune actively communes with nature. Somewhere between a meditation and a chuckle. An ironic contrast generated by the appearance of an old acacia tree and the public housing around it on the town’s edge.



Video Art, 4 HD Channels in Loop, work by Josephe Dadoune. 2010.

Inside an Archeology Museum built during the thirties of the past century, somewhere in the middle east an elegantly dressed western woman roams surrounded by Archaeological findings from prehistory as well as the Middle-ages. In one of the display halls an unexpected encounter with the feminine personification of the East.Four seas reveal the four corners of the world by the wind rose. She returns to the west when in her suitcase she holds an ancient discovery.



Video Art, Various HD Channels in Loop. 2010.

A Jewish religious young man is praying for his god in a foreign city. 

- ON THE FENCE Art Event – Jaffa 2011.

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