The Dream of the Shepherd

Feature Film, Italy/Germany

Produced by Phillip Moravitz and Lynn Inglese Giafatto Filmproductions

Developed with the support of IDM Südtirol Alte Adige Film Comission


Christof is a cold-hearted worker in the office of immigration and refugees. Every day he denies the requests of foreigners of their visas, creating a destructive effect on their lives. In his private life, Cristof suffers from psychological disorder that causes him to hurt himself, physically and mentally. A strange encounter with a mysterious painting causes Christof to examine every aspect of his life.



Feature Film, Israel

Produced by Itai Tamir, Laila films

Developed with the support of The Israeli Film Fund

Eli has left his home and country 15 years ago, and built a life in America. Now that his father has passed away and left him his apartment, Eli returns to Israel to sell the place. His return impacts the life of everyone, and leads to a series of events that will develop into a strange, powerful and beautiful love triangle - between a flower shop and a swimming pool, between life and death, and somewhere in the middle.